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We know the proper resources are necessary for a good education…… In this turbulent time we also know how hard it can be to obtain those resources. School Stores will help bridge the gap and assist you monetarily by providing a service that is vital to our growing needs.

Fundraising has been a regular part of societal activities since the early 1970s. However, door-to-door sales came under scrutiny in 1997 following an incident that changed the views on this method. Today most sales are made to parents, friends and co-workers. Our system allows students to promote and sell our items to anyone in the country without risk. We take care of the shipping which eliminates contact between students and patrons all together. Schools may also choose to have all products directed to them for distribution. School stores will be filled with items to fit the look and style of each school and the surrounding areas giving a more local feel. Stores can be used all year long or periodically throughout the year whenever fundraising is needed. Groups such as sports and music can customize and run an individual fundraiser or open their own store within each site giving great flexibility and opportunity. 

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